Anastasia Somova is a Russian actress, dancer and choreographer. She is one of the first choreographers who developed and taught Dancehall as a direction of dance in Russia. She is also known as a dancer and choreographer in different dance styles such as Vogue, Hip-hop, House and others. Anastasia Somova is an author of choreography for more than 10 films, including winners of major Russian film festivals, such as Kinotavr, Window to Europe.

As an actress, she gained popularity by the role of Katya in the film "Happy End". The short film "Listen up!", where Anastasia acted as a choreographer and performed the main role, became a laureate of experimental film and video poetry festivals in Toronto, Miami, Girona, Venice, Tbilisi, Berlin, etc.
Anastasia was born and raised in Zelenograd, Russia. Since she was a little girl she was engaged in dancing, also she graduated from a music school in the piano class. When she was in junior classes she started to show herself as a director and choreographer. After listening to Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons", she wrote a fairytale of the same name and staged a play based on it with her classmates. Since then she has staged a host of dance acts at school concerts.

Since 2008, she has actively attended master classes by leading choreographers in Europe and the United States. At the same time she has participated in battles and competitions. She won her first victory in the House Dance nomination at Hyper Week Big Battle (Italy, Sicily) in Europe in 2010.

In the dance field, Anastasia became known under the pseudonym Somique. This nickname was given to her by French dancers at the Who is Who battle in Paris.
In 2009 she graduated from Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, Television Department. During her studies, she also devoted a lot of time to dancing. After a year of study at the university, she began her teaching career in the dance studios of Moscow. From that moment on, she became the top Dancehall and Twerk teacher in the city.

In 2012 she became a finalist of the television show "Dance" with her team called "Hipsters". This team included the strongest dancers in Russia in the Popping, Locking, Hip-Hop, Breakdance and Dancehall directions.

Since 2014 she becomes a member of the Mediamed Art Group. Projects of this team have been presented in leading museums in Russia, such as the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, as well as at the Venice Biennale and THE HTMLLES festival in Montreal, etc.

Since then Anastasia has been invited to give master classes to Germany, Portugal, France and other European cities. She also taught classes in the USA and Jamaica. Her performance with "the fastest man on the planet" Usain Bolt on the Puma stage in Gorky Park was featured in news around the world.

Anastasia Somova's film career began with the film "Good boy" directed by Oksana Karas. There she acted as a choreographer and performer of the role of a physical education teacher. The film was highly praised by critics and received the main prize of the Kinotavr festival in 2016.

After that, Anastasia choreographed the films "Serious Relationship Only", "Happy End", "About Love. For Adults Only "," Faberge Egg ", etc.

In 2019 she starred in the film "Battle" about modern dance where she played the role of a choreographer and was also an understudy for the female lead in dance scenes.

In 2019 she graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute, workshop of V.P. Poglazov and V.P. Nikolaenko, specializing in theater and film actress. Her thesis was the role of Polina in the play "Dostoevsky. Scenes" based on the novel "The Gambler" by F.M. Dostoevsky .
Somique choreographed the music clips of "Queen Margot" by Uma2rman, "Monkeys in the Jungle" by T-Killah, "Instagram" by Steppa Style, etc.

Anastasia has worked with the brands Hermes, Porsche, Kenzo, Adidas, Puma, BVLGARI as a choreographer and dancer. In 2014 she was a choreographer of a dance show at the Sochi Olympics and staged a special program of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

Today Anastasia Somova continues her acting career, and also remains one of the most sought-after choreographers in the film industry. She works with well-known brands as a choreographer and model, acts as a dancer, and also conducts dance master classes in Russian cities and abroad.